Monday, December 17, 2012

2012 Grand Review: New House

I love summaries. So here's mine from 2012! I'm calling it a "grand review" because I'm going to break it up into several posts, rather than making it one obnoxiously long post.

After a ridiculously long wait of about three years, we sold our house in December of 2011, which propelled us into another long wait of home shopping. By April 2012, we closed on the new house and Jon began gutting the entire thing! Since he is amazing, and the hardest worker I know, he basically finished the house overhaul in six weeks, allowing us to move in by the end of May. 

It was crazy and chaotic and I realized I don't do well with that much crazy. I also discovered my most loathed paradox of life--sometimes when your dreams come true, rather than the expected feeling of elation, depression happens. The big, classic, letdown of something long dreamed about and idealized, becoming a reality--and reality is messy. I was caught unaware by this letdown, which maybe added to the depression, because frankly, I felt guilty that I wasn't elated and shouting praise to God every second for giving us what we wanted.  

Thankfully, finally, after six months of settling in, and wrestling with my inner crazy and life's paradox, I am truly soaking in the blessing of this place and enjoying it for all the marvelousness it truly is.

Throwing hammers into the wall for fun. Before tearing it down.

This boy gets the hard-work genes from his daddy! He loved helping!

Family Room: Before

Family room: after. With family in it.

My little art model-man helping me choose color schemes.
Living Room

Thanksgiving in our new home, and SO thankful!

The blessing of an amazing view and a pair of stunning pine trees in our own backyard!

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Chris and Bekah said...

So beautiful...all of it! I love your decorating style too; you've always had such an eye for the natural, class, and warmth. I love it! Oh, and your family is INSANELY beautiful. :)

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