Friday, January 6, 2012

Town Mouse, Country Mouse

This will be me--a town girl, living with country mice--if we get the house we have an offer on right now. The one I lost three hours of sleep over last night. The one that feels like a mountain retreat with a breathtaking peak view; that is completely, miraculously, in our price range.

It's been thirteen years since I've lived anywhere remotely country, probably about ten years since Jon was a ranch worker, riding a horse with a lasso (I'm imagining the lasso--not sure if that's totally true) herding Longhorn Cattle.

Our last house was so bug-free it was an event when we had a housefly inside. I'm certain this house will come with much more than that--spiders, beetles, woodpeckers, mice...

If we get this house, we will have what we think we want. Forest, meadow, acres, view, yet close enough to town to remain actively engaged with school, friends and family.

I might fall on the floor in mourning if this doesn't work out. I'm ready to embrace all that comes with country-living, including mice helping me put on my earrings.


Check out the artist of this painting. Love her work!


Jen said...

Oh how I hope you get the house!! I love reading your blog. Please write a book :)

Becca D said...

Thanks, Jen! Lots of love to you! Hope you're enjoying your warm weather!

Scott, Nikki, Jacob and Nathan Sinclair said...

How exciting Becca! I know the feeling - we bought a house...built in our price range...great old neighborhood...huge trees...and mice. Looking forward to hearing the update!

Becca D said...

Thanks, Nikki!! Hopefully you love the house despite the mice!

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