Friday, November 4, 2011

Thankful--expression through visual art

My friend Dawn is having a blog "link-up party" and invited me to join in. The theme is 30 Thankful Days, where bloggers write about what they're thankful for each day in November. I am really not going to pull off a post-a-day, but I'm shooting for twice a week. :)

Today I'm especially thankful for truth expressed through visual imagery. I love words, hence, this blog. Writing is a form of self expression and a creative outlet for me, but I think what most speaks to me at my core is the visual. I love how so many times in our lives words are unnecessary in expressions of love and communication. I love how God communicates Himself through creation--visual expression.

Well, today our friend Luke posted this video of a live illustration he did during their church service. I loved it. I think especially in church, sometimes a break from words can be welcomed. We speak words when singing, listen to words of the pastor, think words when we pray. Then of course, talk, talk, talk after the service.

This is his description of the video: 
"live ipad illustration created in a span of 35 minutes during the worship time at Woodmen Valley Chapel. For the series Extravagant Grace. Using the ipad2 app Sketch Club, I recorded the sequence of illustrations and then played it back during the final worship song."

Check it out:

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dawn said...

That was really cool, Becca! Thanks for sharing it!

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